Gadget Review of Personal Breathalyser

The Personal Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget – Flashlight + Stopwatch from

The first thing to remember about this product, is that it is a GUIDE ONLY. There is no way it could be used as a legal defence.
The accuracy of the device is also dependent on proper use – and lets face it, if you are WELL over the legal limit to operate a car, you might not be capable of properly operating this device … so here’s what I found….

Your first instinct will be to test it out by having a drink and then straight away blowing into it …. I found this will almost always give a result indicating you are OVER THE LIMIT! But think about it … to take a mouthful of alcohol and immediately blow into the device is pretty much the same thing as pouring the drink straight into it! Of course it will provide a high reading!

I have found that the secret is to wait about 10 minutes after you have finished drinking, and then conduct the test. This gives a more accurate result and is a better guide to use as an indication of whether or not you should be driving.

It is also inaccurate to conduct repeated tests within a short space of time of each other. In other words, letting all your mates test the device one after the other will produce inaccurate results – there will be residue in the sensor from the person just previous. The device is definitely a PERSONAL device (thats ok, everyone should buy one), or to be used just by the driver of the vehicle. If you are going to conduct multiple tests, allow about 10 minutes between each test for better results.