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The majority of you who learn this writer professionally, follow him on Twitter @DMashak or are frequent viewers understand this author does not have a very substantial impression of Minnesota Lawyers and in truth hasbeen involved since 2005 with numerous additional Minnesotans who have been declined a hearing to give evidence and testimony of systemic within the Minnesota Judiciary before the Minnesota Residence and Senate Judiciary Committees. Publicdomain Maybe this repeated twitter with this writer best summarizes his belief of the Surfaces: Minnesota Judges are to the Rule of Law along with justice as Hitler would be to Tranquility and religious freedom. As evidence of the endemic and truly nasty dynamics of the Courts, this author has written as merely a Plaintiff inside the Courts about his encounters. (In this writer case, he continues to call home having a 20+ year-old, government initiatives and sanctioned death danger to eliminate his living for this writeris attempts to expose the wrongful repossession of vehicles by a number of Banksters from 150-200 harmless Minnesota people. Of late this writer continues to be posting this [ ] of the destructive injustice caused on Bonnie Roy by Dakota State State David L. Knutson on his facebook bill. But, needless to say, the corrupt surfaces and authorized process of Minnesota basically respond that anybody else that has misplaced case as it was rigged and this writer is really a dissatisfied litigant. And us ranking and file inhabitants that are not lawyers to be also dumb, are also painted to understand the way the law works.

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To-wit, this writer asks the viewer, “How many occasions do each of you have to hear about numerous extravagant behaviors of the Judiciary before you recognize our Legal Process and the Surfaces are systemically corrupt? Just how many lives are you likely to enable them destroy since they have better propaganda and you are also chaotic or don’t wish to be troubled? Used to do nothing because I’m not really a Jew, although first they arrived for that Jews. Used to do nothing because I’m not a socialist, although chances are they arrived for that socialists. They emerged for your Catholics, since I am not really a Catholic, but used to do nothing. Lastly, they arrived for me, but at the same time there is no one left to assist me. Pastor Father Niemoller (1946) Remember this writer and other people who stands around and/or tries to reveal the corrupt that is bad dynamics of our surfaces is drastically retaliated against, black listed and tried for attempting to reveal the truth. This writer brings upon his encounters of retaliation and the encounters of others in supplying Minnesota Lawyer Kudos.

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Within the Holiday Time, communications that should trigger every American to concern the reliability and nature of our whole Legal and Judicial Process were gotten by this author. Minnesota Attorney Michelle McaDonald directed these details to the nearby Fox News System. Attorney Michelle MacDonald wrote to the author, when the coverage of the scenario lowered. In order to avoid any accusations this writer has mis-stated the facts and accusations, paste and this writer will probably simply cut from one of the e-mails this author has been provided for by Attorney Michelle MacDonald: As a lawyer in good ranking since Sept 11, 1987, I am publishing to tell you of continuing measures and persistent violations of the civil and constitutional rights, Minnesota Law, the Judicial Requirements, as well as the continuing retaliation against me and my shopper, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, and her 5 youngsters by a Minnesota Judge of which the public should really be aware, warranting ultimately impeachment of (Judge) David Knutson. I am requested never to share the safety videos. The Fox TV regional writer aired reports in May, and on Sept 11, 12, subsequently dropped the reviews from website, intimidated without doubt by risks of subpoenas, and because Monk 9 surveyed the missing youngsters and Trish Van Pilson last noticed the missing kids living. I am the only lawyer in United States Heritage to be involved in a court trial – lost children and shackled with no document, no shoes, no files, no pencil, no eyeglasses and, specifically, no buyer, in handcuffs, a wheelchair. And while the entire experience is on security video (described as sadistic), the movie is under seal, combined with the childrens testimony, where these kids admonished Judge Knutson, (also in writing) banned to become displayed towards the community.

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Attached is testimony relating to illegally usurping courtroom documents, and primarily prohibiting child safety involvement by Judge Knutson, sued individually and personally. The appropriate struggle in US Federal Court comes to a mind (reading in St. Paul on Friday, Jan 10, at 2:00 pm) in the event of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, and her five children v. (Decide) David Knutson ETAL, and our Usa Supreme Court, Wa, DC has acknowledged a Petition for Writ for filing. What Knutson continues to-do to the household is unthinkable, yet our Minnesota Attorney General speciously boasts that Judges have protection to violate municipal/ constitutional privileges of parents. The coverup contains the Judge plugging the childrenis account in the parents and appeals court, and the community, and holding a custody test, after the lawyer was strangely placed under arrest (the Judge proclaiming he’d nothing related to it), without one there about the mother’s benefit —- not even the mother—- except her lawyer (that could be me) — under “arrest”. Although Judge Knutson boasts in Federal courtroom, he had nothing regarding it, within a break in the court custody test on June 12, 2013, sheriff deputies “arrested” me and introduced me back again to Assess Knutsons courtroom in handcuffs and a wheelchair, without any eyeglasses, hair piece, sneakers, and that I was built to continue my participation in the custody trial within this debilitated, embarrassing state, without my records, my client, a pencil, document, sufficient reason for the Rucki children still lacking since April, 2013. Then his custody order that was ultimate was recorded by him, as an Exhibit in the federal judge action before Ms. Grazzini or myself on December 25, 2013 – Rucki may even read it, with several pages wherever he “witnesses” my charge.

Once you’ve taken good demand of one’s situations, anything good may follow suit.

I’m particular people might uncover this behaviour of the Judge ridiculous. In particular, the act of the perfunctory test about absent children on September 11-12, 2013, without their guardian, with a litigants lawyer in handcuffs, in addition to the work of getting of the telephone call on June 5, 2012, and signing concept-for-word an order published by attorney Ms. Lisa Elliott on October 7, 2012, to be executed by midday that time that eliminated Sandra from her kids, her residence, and ordered that both parents have zero contact-or be at the mercy of incarceration, while a low-parent (not a party to any motion) moves into Ms. Grazzini-Ruckis home of 14 Years to get custody, were truly lawless, non-judicial acts, without authority, and warrant control and impeachment that is final. The hearing is St. John on Friday January, in US Court 10 2014 at 2:00 pm. Again, a hardy hats are given by this author off to Minnesota Attorney Michelle MacDonald on her courage in a ruthless Judiciary’s encounter that’s uncontrollable. This is a attorney who truly upholds duty and her oath in this instance Sandra Grazzini -Rucki. More, this author promoters that who’ve need of / and family law or Breakup solutions consider preserving her solutions [ ].

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[Household Project ] Next should attend tomorrow’s experiencing in St. Paul at 2pm CDT at the National Court-House. And everyone of you should publish to your National Congressfolks (and Minnesotans must produce with their State Legislators) and ask them how are outrageous acts including these and also other departures from your Rule of Law permitted to continue. Tales like these are what this writer has in when DMashak Tweets mind: What would Sigmund Freud say about males who observe activities on Television & in the place of taking a stand to corrupt government representatives play game titles? This writer is at a lost to understand how any mum or genuine gentleman could proceed to allow Simple rank-and-file their children and Americanis to become abused by Express and Federal Surfaces and Legitimate Programs. A Court as well as a Lawful Process that colludes with the Key Press and also this elected representatives to project an appearance of authenticity and equity when in the they take part the truth is, are systemically infected and bad. Think of your understanding of the Courts might transform if all-the main marketing communities reported on Violations such as this of Energy and Problem. Instead, personal inhabitants must place their livelihoods and reside’s on the range to reveal the corrupt character of of Government and Courts.

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Perhaps a point better-made with another of this writer’s Tweets: The Pioneers given transparency and accountability for Government & Privacy (independence from unreasonable searches & seizures) for WE INDIVIDUALS, rather we have secrecy for Government and NSA spying on WE INDIVIDUALS Since it is this author’s intent to create regarding the results of tomorrowis hearing, let us end with one more further case of a reliable personis notion of our National Government and Justice Process. “Yet the individual is by returning face to face using a conspiracy so monstrous he can’t think it prevails handicapped. The National mind simply has not arrived at a of the evil which has been introduced into our process. It denies also the belief that a which should eventually damage all that is not bad and decent could be espoused by individual pets.” FBI Director T. Edgar Hoover, (January 1, 1895 May 2, 1972) was the primary Director of the Federal Agency of Investigation (FBI) of the United States. Hired manager of the Institution of Investigationpredecessor for the FBIin 1924, he was crucial in founding the FBI in 1935, where he remained director until his death in 1972) The Elks Publication, June 1956) And finally, this writer yet again implores you, the reader, to have actively involved with repairing the Guideline of our Constitution Regulation and the Bill of Rights with this final, traditional estimate and taking back our Nation: All that’s necessary for evil’s success is that good guys donothing Burke The reading is in US Federal Judge Paul, Minnesota on 10 2014 at 2: 00 pm. Keep preventing the combat that is good.

I wasn???t even the numberone in our class or a truly great pupil.

Those were my feelings. In Closing: To take your important occasion to read thankyou, my fellow individuals and reflect upon what’s created below. Probably you must contact your local elected administrators and tell them, if what is written below rings true to you. In case you are afraid of effects, snail mail it and ask them to reply in their particular regular/regular net publication or the local document. Even though this article describes anything outside region that is you geographic, it nonetheless likely pertains to your location. Remember all these taxpayer teaching junkets the bureaucrats are sent by we people on? Each of them study exactly the same ” livestock supervision ” processes to employ on WE INDIVIDUALS. And that leaves WE THE PEOPLE with this particular dilemma: While our #Government performs whole time with payment and backed with your income for the cause of #Tyranny; WE INDIVIDUALS are forced to work part time without reimbursement for your cause of #liberty in what is remaining of our period, income and electricity. Lastly, this informative article is written with all the same objectives as Thomas Paine.

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No control role is sought by me. I seek and then aid the American People uncover their technique that is particular employing their “Good Sense” Keep the Good Fight to Fighting! In Independence Mashak The Cynical Patriot Mashak Googleplus WE INDIVIDUALS TAR #WETHEPEOPLETAR Conclusion the Provided(eral Reserve Bank System) #ETF National Minneapolis Bring Home the Politicians #BHTP America #LawlessAmerica Limits #TermLimit Justice in Minnesota #JIM Criticalthinking Recognize – as no politician could dare This publisher says you. Exercise Critical Thinking () in identifying the honesty of whatever you read or hear. Don’t passively take nor believe you are told by anything anyone, including this publisher… You may earnestly secure your perspective to everyone who might debate you to the opposite of your viewpoint and trust except and before you verify it-yourself with places.

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